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    Combat Description Cards

  • For Storytellers, Writers and GMs

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Combat Description Cards for Storytellers and GMs -- Kicktraq Mini

Dorkland Blog!

"Need a descriptive way to describe something that just happened in combat? Pull a card from the respective suit, read the style and description that best fits the situation -- or just use it as inspiration and wing it a bit. That seems to be about it. There are some 100+ cards in the set (around 120+ now, with the stretch goals, I think) so there are plenty of descriptions to use. One aspect that the Kickstarter page made sure to point out, and that I think is good, is the lack of detailed information in the descriptions -- so they can be used with any weapon in nearly any setting or situation."

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2 Player Life

"I think it’s a great idea. Any of my fellow tabletop RPG fans are familiar with battle sequences that lack the same storytelling depth that colors the rest of the campaign. These guys are trying to remedy some of that with reference cards to help storytellers add some description and depth to their combat. It’s a fun idea, complete with 600+ narrative descriptions. If you plan on weaving any tales of heroics with your gaming group anytime in the future, you may want to check it out..."

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Troll Corner

"Have you ever, in the middle of storytelling, whether as a GM, or off the cuff, while playing a board/card game, been in the middle of describing an action of conflict and stumbled in the description, or just had your mind draw a blank as you start describing your epic encounter scene? I think we all have at one time or another. For those times that your mind fails you, Conflict Roleplaying would like to be there to help you, ..."

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Product's Details

Your storytelling will be better with this cards

ISBN: 978-0-9824507-7-2


Plenty of cards! you'll never need to repeat a description during a session.


Every card has a set of unique Action Words defined by the weapon and fighting style used.


Each action comes with two descrions. One to help describe normal hits and strikes and another for killing blows!


This fantasy-based card set is compatible with fantasy games systems.


Ages 8 and up or as suggested by the associated tabletop RPG game.


This cards are large. The same size as Tarot Cards. A towering hight at 2.75" x 4.75"!

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